His Best Girlfriend: A Masking Novella

4 ratings

"This story has everything: hot masking, steamy sex and an actual plot." - JD, review

What if you discovered your best friend could transform into your fantasy woman - or any woman you might desire?

Tom wasn’t looking to hook up when he walked into the bar that night, but then he met Jessica, a curvaceous blonde with crystal blue eyes and a sultry voice.

He thought he’d gotten lucky, until Jessica revealed that beneath an ultra realistic mask, wig and elaborate disguise… 'Jessica' was actually Tom’s best friend, James.

How did James transform himself into this stunning, seductive woman?

What does he have planned for Tom? Who could he potentially become next?

And will Tom be able to handle the truth about James’ secret life as a woman?

Find out in His Best Girlfriend, a rewrite of the classic masking short story by Val (written and published with the original author's permission).

From Ghostly Writer, author of the Practice to Deceive series and Her Substitute, His Best Girlfriend is a 25,000 word erotic fantasy novella of seduction, transformation and deception.

The story continues in His Best Girlfriend - Part 2. Available now

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His Best Girlfriend: A Masking Novella (PDF)

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His Best Girlfriend: A Masking Novella

4 ratings
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