A Lie Within A Lie: The Singer

Ghostly Writer
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A lie within a lie. A mask beneath a mask. A disguise behind a disguise...

Ethan is a teenager who's looking for a woman that knows his every desire, a woman with a special insight into what men want... and he thinks he's found it in the mysterious, alluring Marla. After a night of intense lust, Marla's secret is revealed; 'she' is really a 'he'; a master of disguise, using perfect latex masks and bodysuits to become others.

Now even more desirable to the impressionable Ethan, a plan is conceived. Ethan will do anything to be with a woman who can be anyone. Even inviting her into his family home to masquerade as a family member... where the con continues.

A Lie Within A Lie: The Singer is a 50,000 word novel, the first of two books in one complete erotic transgender story, over 150,000 words in total length.

Anyone who's ever dreamed of being with a woman who can become any other woman at will, who's wanted to be with a woman who understands intimately what men want - because deep down, she is also a man - will be drawn into this novel where nothing is ever quite what it seems.

Features masks, bodysuits, male to female crossdressing, impersonation, extensive disguises and sexual situations.

The con continues in A Lie Within A Lie: The Spy, also available for sale here on Gumroad.

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A Lie Within A Lie: The Singer

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